Flip-Ups & Side Shield Safety Glasses

Eagle Safety is dedicated to providing the highest quality safety eyewear with the most advanced technology and designs. Two often essential features of safety eyewear are flip-ups and side shields. Eagle Safety offers an assortment of both of these with protection and style always in mind.

Flip-Ups Safety Glasses

Specifically in the welding industry and any job that requires working with flames, sparks, or radiant lights, it’s critical to protect your eyes from harmful and damaging UV rays. This means that safety eyewear should obtain a shaded lens that can defer the radiant light. The issue with this, however, is that when not directly exposed to bright lights, it can be difficult for the worker to see in regular lighting, causing them to have to frequently take their glasses off. This not only affects productivity but also puts their eyesight at risk because just because they aren’t currently working with radiation doesn’t mean someone around them isn’t exposing them to it. The solution to this issue is flip-up safety glasses. With flip-up glasses, the worker can navigate between two lenses easily without endangering their eyes. View our ANSI approved flip-ups here.

Side Shield Safety Glasses

Safety eyewear is designed for unpredictable work environments. For workers that don’t wear safety glasses or goggles, it’s not “if” you injure your eyes, but “when”. This is why side shields are so important, because it adds an extra layer of protection from airborne particles, sparks, and splashes coming from all directions. Tinted shields also help improve eyesight because they reduce glares. Eagle Safety offers adjustable clip on side shields available in many colors for numerous frame sizes. All side shields meet the ANSI standards. View our shields here

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When you work with Eagle Safety, you get the broadest selection of quality eyewear backed by craftsman with years of experience in the field.

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