The Importance Of Safety Eyewear

It’s obvious that safety eyewear is incredibly important to protect your eyesight. There are so many ways your eyesight can be damaged, and luckily in the workforce it is almost completely preventable. Experts say that 90% of eye injuries on the job could have been avoided with the right safety eyewear. Below are reasons it is crucial to protect your eyes at work. 

1. Out of all non-life threatening work injuries, you can’t “fix” blindness. 

Obviously there should be preventative measures taken to avoid all work related injuries, but of all non-life threatening injuries, damage to your eyes can be the most detrimental to your quality of life. You can get fake teeth, you can still walk with a prosthetic leg, but if you suffer an eye injury you can never get your vision back. 

2. Small particles can cause severe damage. 

Your glasses or goggles should provide protection from small airborne particles like glass, wood, sparks, chemical splashes, and more. Even if a contaminant doesn’t cause immediate blindness, the most minimal scratch can cause recurrent and painful issues with age. 

3. You might be damaging your eyes without even knowing it. 

Radiation and UV rays are typically painless but can cause severe damage to eyesight. UV rays specifically cause macular damage which can lead to vision loss and cataracts. Skin cancer around your eyes is another result of being over exposed to UV rays. 

4. Did you know your body has natural eye protection?

The purpose of eyelashes is actually to prevent particles from entering your eyes, and the purpose of eyebrows is to prevent substances like sweat and other debris from dripping into your eyes. For day to day activities your eyelashes and eyebrows are sufficient to protect your eyesight, but obviously when working in environments where there is constant debris or potentially harmful substances, quality safety eye glasses and goggles are necessary.  

Close-up of serious handsome middle-aged workman in safety goggles dusting off hands while brushing sawdust off work gloves


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