Top 7 Safety Eyewear Brands

Eagle Safety is committed to supplying only the highest performing safety eyewear. All of our hand picked safety eyewear brands meet the latest ANSI standards. Below is more information on our top brands.


ArmourX believes in redefining safety eyewear, designing glasses and goggles with a combination of functionality and style. They strive to provide affordable eyeglasses with a wide variety of styles and colors that suit each individual’s style. Many of their glasses feature head straps and foam cushions for maximum comfort and proper fitting. 


Originating in 1919, Pentax is a world renown and trusted brand for prescription eyewear. With leading edge technology and design, Pentax safety glasses and goggles are top quality. Workers can feel confident their eyesight is protected through advanced lens coatings and treatments. 

Hudson Optical

Hudson Optical has been a leading competitor in fashionable prescription eyewear for over 50 years. Today, they have shifted their focus to be 100% focused on safety glasses and goggles, and are known to be America’s leading manufacturer of prescription safety eyewear. Known to be the first to introduce spring-hinged eyewear and sideshields without rivets, their innovative safety glasses design represent the future of safety eyewear. 


OnGuards prides itself on being industrial safety eyewear with style. It offers some of the largest prescription safety eyewear portfolios in the industry, so employees are sure to find a style they like and trust. 


Uvex safety glasses and goggles offer modern eye protection in a variety of designs and colors. With the mission of sports and workplace safety, Uvex offers a broad range of fashionable and functional prescription safety frames. Uvex is top quality and the world’s top-selling safety eyewear brand with one mission: to protect people. 

Wiley X

Wiley X was founded by Miles Freeman Sr. in 1987. As a U.S. veteran himself, Freeman’s mission for Wiley X was to provide top quality safety eyewear to the men and women who put themselves at risk to defend our country. Since, they have expanded to protective eyewear to provide safety on any job. With cutting edge digital lens technology, Wiley X promises superior protection. 


Americans have been using iconic Wolverine safety glasses to protect their eyesight for over 125 years. Their mission is to provide glasses as durable and tough as the people who wear them. Wolverine is the only safety eyewear brand that offers Dura-Lock side shield technology. 

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When you work with Eagle Safety, you get the broadest selection of quality eyewear backed by craftsman with years of experience in the field.

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