Corporate Safety Eyewear Programs

On-Site Safety Eyewear Fittings

With the Eagle Safety on site program, our licensed opticians come to your plant or worksite. This convenient option for your employee allows them to review frame options, order, and have their glasses fitted right on location. Employees of our clients also appreciate the extra time we take to talk with them about their job and past issues they’ve had with their safety glasses. Through these discussions we are able to recommend just the right frame and options to balance protection with comfort. This can have positive impacts on productivity and job satisfaction.

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Local Safety Eyewear Fittings

In some cases, handling the selection and ordering of your employees’ safety eyewear off-site may be more practical for your company. In those cases, Eagle Safety will partner with qualified eyecare providers in your area. These providers will provide eye exams and frame options prior to ordering, as well as fitting your employees and being available for adjustments once the order is fulfilled. Eagle Safety will work directly with these providers to make the process seamless and worry-free for your employees. Likewise, Eagle will work directly with your company’s Safety Director and administration so you have only one point of contact for invoicing and trouble-shooting.

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Online or Mail-Order Safety Eyewear

For companies with multiple offices across wide geographic areas, online or mail order programs may be more appropriate. In most cases, these programs are customized to the needs of the company based on its number of locations and number of employees.

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Hybrid Options

Some companies have needs for programs that combine the offerings and benefits of different program types. For example, a company that has a single, large primary manufacturing location and a variety of smaller satellite facilities might want a combination of On-Site and Local Fittings. Or On-Site and Mail Order. Eagle Safety has the flexibility to meet those special needs – without increasing your costs.

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