3 Benefits Of On-Site Safety Eyewear Fittings

Not only do we want to produce the best safety eyewear available, but Eagle Safety wants to make the process of ordering and providing the eyewear to your employees as easy and convenient as possible. One way we do this is through our on-site fittings. If you’re looking to place a large order, our licensed opticians will come to your work site anywhere in the U.S. Three benefits of this program are:

1. On-site safety eyewear fittings give us a better understanding of your employees needs.

Getting to see you work site first hand allows our professionals more insight into which brand and style provides the most protection to your employees. 

2. On-site safety eyewear fittings allows employees to express their personal preferences or safety concerns. 

Beyond just protection, we want to make sure your employees are getting glasses and goggles that they actually want to wear, in terms of both comfort and style. Ultimately, your employees are the ones wearing the glasses for hours a day and will appreciate having some say in the colors and styles chosen. 

3. On-site safety eyewear fittings provide optimum convenience. 

Don’t worry about the hassle of scheduling a time for all employees to go to an eye doctor’s office to get an eye exam. Our opticians can come to you and perform eye exams on-site, requiring much less of your employees’ time if they were to go off-site. 

Safety Eyewear That Your Employees Actually Want To Wear

Protection is not the only factor to consider when purchasing safety glasses or goggles. Eyewear that is uncomfortable or distracting affects productivity and overall employee satisfaction. Make sure you get safety eyewear that your employees actually want to wear.