Anti-Fog Safety Eyewear

Safety glasses that consistently fog are both frustrating and hazardous. Not only is it dangerous because it hinders the individual’s vision, it also causes the worker to remove their glasses or goggles to de-fog and temporarily expose their eyes to potential hazards. Having to consistently remove eyewear to de-fog also affects productivity levels. Anti-fog coatings are crucial to provide optimal productivity and protection.

Why does eyewear fog?

Fogging occurs as a result of a change in matter, specifically when vapor changes to condensation. When water vapor caused by your breath, sweat, humid environments and more encounters a surface with a cooler temperature like your glasses or goggle lens, it changes phases and a haze develops in the form of condensation. Because of this, environments with sudden shifts in temperature are more prone to dealing with foggy lenses. 

Who should wear anti-fog safety eyewear?

Individuals that work in humid conditions, consistently move from hot to cold environments, or work with high temperatures will likely deal with the difficulty of lenses fogging. Specifically, it is recommended that those who wear a mask, face respirator, or work in a confined space should wear anti-fog eyewear. Accident Analysis & Prevention published a report stating that 28% of work related injuries were a result of foggy lenses. They also stated that 66% of respondents avoided wearing safety glasses because of the frustrations of lenses fogging, which is another prominent reason why anti-fog coatings are imperative. 

What is an anti-fog coating made of?

Anti-fog coatings are a treatment that can be applied to the surface of a lens to prevent fogging. The coating contains hydrophilic ingredients, which essentially absorb the condensation and disperse it across the surface in droplets that are too small to be visible.

Eagle Safety’s Anti-Fog Safety Eyewear

Anti-fog coatings are applied to Eagle Safety glasses and goggles at our in-house lab in Louisville, Kentucky. While many anti-fog safety goggles suggest using anti-fog sprays to maintain the coating or the coating eventually wears off and must be reapplied, Eagle Safety’s eyewear requires no maintenance and does not have to be reapplied. Additionally, all eyewear comes with a cleaning cloth at no extra charge. Anti-fog coatings can be applied along with other specialty lens treatments like anti-glare, transitions, blue filtering, and more.  Our customers rave about our high quality anti-fog coatings. Shop our top safety eyewear brands here.


When you work with Eagle Safety, you get the broadest selection of quality eyewear backed by craftsman with years of experience in the field.

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